Sensory Friendly Shopping London Drugs

Sensory Friendly Shopping at London Drugs

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with sensory input – noises, sights, smells and movement.  Many of us are able to cope, filter and complete daily activities in spite of the sensory overload.  However, others are not so fortunate.  They find the sensory input so overwhelming they avoid certain activities, some to the point of becoming housebound.  Shopping tends to be particularly challenging given the lighting, sound systems, activity level and potential to encounter scents.  Something as simple as running out to fill a prescription or purchase a birthday card can be extremely difficult and stressful for those with sensory sensitives and their families.

Society for Treatment of Autism is pleased to partner with London Drugs and applaud their efforts to create a comfortable shopping environment for those with sensory sensitivities.


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