Something remarkable happened on October 20th, 2016. As we sat on the edge our seats watching the finalist videos for the Calgary Chamber’s 2016 Community Impact Award as part of Small Business Week, we flashed back to sitting in those exact same positions last year. We were up for two awards then too, but this year, things were different…  This year, a record setting number (over 1,100) of companies were nominated for nine awards. This year, Meticulon was announced the winner of the Community Impact Award.

As our CEO Garth Johnson took the podium, he shared stories of our Consultants, our Business Partners—our community. Since we started as an IT Consulting Firm in 2013, we have had just one mission: to create a business which provides individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) the opportunity to attain dignified and fulfilling careers in the IT Business Sector. Yesterday evening, we were honoured to realize that that’s what we have achieved.

This. Is. Remarkable.

Not for us—but for autism. This award is for the one in 68 on the spectrum who are going to grow up and need to find employment. This award is for the estimated 83% on the spectrum who are currently unemployed. This award is for each individual with autism who has been underemployed. This award is for the families, caregivers and service providers who were looking for hope. This award is not really an award—this award is hope.

Hope that has become reality.

As we continue to grow, we revel in being part of this outstanding community with so many amazing agencies that have helped us get here.

So thank you. To each and every agency that has promoted us. To each and every Consultant who works with us. To each and every family that has hoped with us. This award is yours. They say it takes a village, but we think it takes a community—and this is our community.

Thank you, Calgary. Thank you to the Calgary Chamber. Thank you to all of the other exceptional businesses that are making Small Business Week what it is! Here’s to making remarkable changes in the way we all do business.

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