Meticulon is embarking on a national project called the Meticulon Assessment System (MAS). MAS is an initiative to expand the use of our world-class capacity and capability identification assessment process, for use with young people with various abilities to allow them to effectively prepare for employment.

At Meticulon, we had to understand how to assess hundreds of applicants who came our way looking for work in the IT field. What we needed was a simple yet powerful set of tools to identify and measure the strengths and challenges of each of our participants. We developed ways to assess, evaluate, equip and support adults with Autism for success in the real work world. Then we shared our toolkit with other agencies throughout Canada, and then internationally, proving our concept and the value behind it. Our next goal was to create a toolkit that would benefit more individuals, and their support system, with a deeper understanding of their personality, identifying their interests, gifts, skills, challenges and potential.

MAS does all that and more. MAS is a suite of powerful and easy-to-use tools and exercises for evaluating people with unique abilities, identifying challenges and strengths, and pointing them in the right direction for school, work and life. With wide-ranging assessment strategies, measurable results and detailed reports, MAS equips students, parents, educators, employers and support staff to set the path and help the students reach their fullest potential.

Through our Meticulon intake process, we found many of our applicants weren’t struggling to obtain or maintain employment because of their Autism, but instead it was because of a lack of employability skills. MAS is focused on the assessment of those skills. We don’t claim that it will improve communication, advance education or produce jobs, but unlike other assessment packages, MAS is focused on assessing employability skills and providing individualized coaching strategies for youth before they begin their journey into the work world. Through our Meticulon toolkit development, we created Meticulon Assessment Services to increase the potential of employability using a high-tech solution which includes a personal coaching guide…and now we are offering our solution to you.

If you are a parent of a teenager with high functioning ASD, MAS can help you take a hands-on role in your son or daughter’s progress towards further education, employment and independent living.

For more information, join us at the Ability Hub at 5:00pm on Thursday, September 28th, as we discuss our next steps, answer questions, and recruit for our upcoming pilot group.

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