A total of thirty-three Aspires members attended the 9-1-1 information sessions and tours held on May 9th and 17th.  Families unanimously agreed this was fun, interesting and informative time well spent!  Training Specialists taught us how 9-1-1 is set up between Police, Ambulance and Fire emergency services and how calls are dispatched through the communication centre.  We listened to recordings of actual 911 calls; all with happy endings.  We toured a combined Police, EMS and Fire emergency call centre which is live 24/7.  In the training centre we learned how additional information families provide to the vulnerable persons registry helps emergency services personnel when they encounter an individual needing help who is registered.

City of Calgary Emergency Services are here to help.  Groups are encouraged to call and schedule their own information sessions and tours.  Thanks to Karen Stoshnof for organizing and connecting us with this valuable life skills opportunity.

Tips from your Friends at 9-1-1

  • We are here to help.  Call us when you need us.
  • Be aware of where you are.  Keep track of street names and which quadrant of the city you are in (northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest)
  • Tell us exactly what is happening and why you called 9-1-1.
  • We ask lots of questions!  Once we know where you are or where we are needed we will send help.

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