CALGARY, ALBERTA, Nov. 12, 2013 – A groundbreaking social enterprise has started up in Calgary to offer high-tech services provided by people with autism. Meticulon Consulting, a project of Autism Calgary Association in partnership with the federal government and the Sinneave Family Foundation, is the first high-tech initiative of its kind in Canada. Launched in July and fashioned after successful ventures in Europe, it leverages the meticulous technical and computer skills of people with autism.

Meticulon is an innovative social enterprise. It taps into the extraordinary talents of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to provide superior technical services to client companies, and seeks to directly employ 44 people and place over 100 others elsewhere within 4 years. We aspire to start at least 2 branch locations in Canada, and help stimulate the creation of 250 more jobs in other industries for people with autism, founding a free community-based resource website for information exchange, cooperative learning and mentoring.

Over 85% of adults with autism are unemployed, yet many of them are vastly superior to neurotypical adults in certain areas such as excelling at detailed computer tasks, detecting errors, and performing mathematical functions. There are over 400,000 adults in Canada with autism, including those with valuable technical skills and talents, yet many of them have long been overlooked and under-served in the job market. Many are often written off.

According to Meticulon CEO Garth Johnson, “Meticulon consultants, because of their autism, have natural abilities which make them better at jobs which require attention to detail, repetition and sequencing – allowing our company to excel at tasks such as software testing, quality assurance, and a broad range of analytical services including digitization, scanning and data verification.” Using intensive assessment methods developed in Belgium, Meticulon identifies its employees’ key strengths and areas needing improvement, and provides customized job coaching, helping them to overcome workplace challenges. “We don’t impart skills or abilities to our people – they have that in abundance. All we have to do is match them to the right job and help them to unlock their inborn gifts and talents,” says Johnson.

“We’re here to help people, but it also has to make sense to our customers,” Johnson says. Meticulon’s business customers look for a double bottom line, both social and financial.

“Although many customers come to us with the motive of doing some social good, they will retain our services because of the excellent work product we provide,” says Johnson. “Customer surveys reveal that these highly gifted people consistently complete work faster and more accurately than typical employees for many important tasks.”

Contact: Garth Johnson, CEO, Meticulon, (403) 210-5000

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