Improving Access to Affordable Housing for Autistic Canadians

November 22nd is National Housing Day! It’s a day to acknowledge the work done by hundreds of organizations and thousands of people across Canada with a shared vision that everyone has a place to call home. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the work that still needs to be done.

Did you know that the 2017 Canadian survey on disability estimates that 60% of autistic adults live with their families? Many autistic individuals and their families desire to live more independently, but often do not know where to go to receive the information and support they desire. Sinneave has had significant success supporting autistic adults to live as independently as possible by actively working with affordable housing providers and support service agencies.

On November 22nd, in recognition of National Housing Day, Sinneave is hosting Innovative Collaborations: Autism & Affordable Housing Webinar via AIDE Canada’s website. This session will bring together a panel of affordable housing and autism service providers who will share perspectives, key activities and lessons learning from the Legacy on 5th affordable housing project in Calgary. Autistic adults and their support systems also offer their thoughts on the impact of this project.  The goal of the session is to share knowledge with other regions to improve access to affordable housing for autistic Canadians.


Innovative Collaborations: Autism & Affordable Housing Webinar

November 22nd from 1-2:45 pm MT

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