Autism Campus Preparation Courses for Post-Secondary

Autism Campus Prep (ACP) is a new online post-secondary preparedness course written by and for individuals on the autism spectrum with the assistance of The Sinneave Family Foundation.
Beginning in 2019 with Excel Campus Prep, the shift to online learning initiated a re-branding and re-design by autistic adults who have previously or are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program (undergrad to PhD level studies).

ACP is a free online resource for individuals on the spectrum who are looking to enroll in post-secondary, and would like a better understanding of the academic and non-academic changes they may encounter and how to plan for life after graduation.

The nine modules cover a variety of topics that will assist in preparing you for your transition to post-secondary and beyond. The entire course should take approximately 4 hours and it is possible to only review the modules which are of most interest to you.


“Being involved in the Autism Campus Prep Program reminded me how important the transition was between secondary school and post-secondary education. My hope is that young autistic adults will utilize these tools to assist them to make their decision regarding post-secondary education and to prepare them for the transition should they choose that path.”
– Dr. TC Waisman

“Far too often, we see well-meaning neurotypical people doing their best to provide advice to autistic people. I’m happy Sinneave asked autistic scholars to develop this course so that our own experiences, and the things we would have liked to have known as autistic post-secondary students, could guide and inform it.”
Patrick Dwyer

Autism Campus Prep is now available on AIDE Canada! Click here to take the course.

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