PDD Review – Stakeholder Engagements

On January 19, 2018, Community and Social Services Minister Irfan Sabir announced a review of the PDD program to explore how the PDD program can be improved to better serve Albertans with developmental disabilities. The review will focus on five main areas:

  • Inclusive eligibility criteria;
  • Access to services and supports;
  • A service delivery system that is predictable, transparent, accountable and responsive to individuals’ needs;
  • A skilled and well-trained workforce; and
  • Engagement and communication within the disability sector.

The PDD program review panel is holding in-person Community Conversation sessions across Alberta to allow people to provide their input. The Calgary sessions on Tuesday, November 27th and Wednesday, November 28th will provide multiple opportunities for different stakeholders to attend:

Tuesday, Nov. 27

10 am to 12 pm – PDD individuals, family and caregivers

2 pm to 4 pm – Community disability workers

Wednesday, Nov. 28

9 am to 11 am – Service providers and advocacy groups

2 pm to 4 pm – Open to the public

6 pm to 8 pm – Open to the public

The Sinneave Family Foundation will be attending the Community Conversation for service providers on November 28th and will be bringing forward two specific issues and questions that we hear frequently from families that we serve.

Background: Children with autism qualify for support funding through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).  Once they turn 18 they need to requalify for support funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD).  One of the current qualification criterion for PDD funding is an IQ of below 70.  Many emerging adults with autism who have an IQ over 70 have significant adaptive functional challenges and struggle with the transition to adulthood. They would benefit greatly from support during this critical transition time.     Question:  Will PDD consider adaptive function as a more valid and cost effective qualification criteria for services, rather than IQ?

Background: One choice for families who qualify for PDD, is to select Family Managed Services funding.   This choice allows families to work with PDD to identify their specific support needs.  The family can then directly hire individuals as employees to best meet their family’s needs. Families are interested in creating new proactive solutions to better address their specific needs for day programming and supported independent living, by working together with other community based families.  Being able to utilize Family Managed Service funds to purchase services from credible agencies who are not currently funded by PDD (rather than hiring individuals) is critical to the development of new and cost effective models.     Question:  Will PDD consider authorizing Family Managed Services funding to be used to purchase services that will best meet a family’s needs, including those from agencies who are not currently on the ‘approved provider list’. 

We encourage families to take the opportunity to have a voice in the review process by attending one of the sessions.  For a full listing of when and where the sessions will be held, please click here.

  • There is no cost to attend a session and you do not need to pre-register.
  • Sessions are an open house style designed to allow you to move at your own pace – you can attend at any time during the allotted time frame, there is no set agenda.
  • Public sessions are open to anyone who would like to attend.

If you cannot attend a session in person, the Online Survey will be open until December 7th, 2018.  You may also submit your feedback by downloading and completing the PDD survey form and sending it by email to: css.pddreview@gov.ab.ca or by mail to: PDD Review, P.O. Box 1030 Edmonton Main, Edmonton, AB   T5J 2M1

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