The Sinneave Family Foundation is directing its efforts towards enabling, evaluating, and exporting promising programs, research, and supports for adolescents and adults with ASD.

One of our key partners is Society for Treatment of Autism, a recognized leader in both expertise and service offerings for skill development and vocational programming for adolescents and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Since 2011, STA has designed, developed and delivered the Pursuits and Recruits programs with the support of the Sinneave Family Foundation out of The Ability Hub.  Recently, program evaluations were conducted and refinements were made to both program streams. Evaluation feedback identified a desire within the community to increase the availability of Pursuits and Recruits.

In response to the demand, STA is working with SFF to begin transitioning to a sustainable community-based program model, while maintaining the quality of support which the ASD community in Calgary has become accustomed to.  Effective immediately, a program fee of $200 per session is being implemented.  This fee will cover a portion of the cost of the program, and feedback will be solicited from participants at the end of the newly structured sessions.  Please see Pursuits or Recruits for current details on the programs.

The team at The Ability Hub is extremely pleased that Society for Treatment of Autism is able to continue this specialized collection of programs to serve more of Calgary’s ASD families.

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