The disability community has asked for information about the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program to be made public, and Hon. Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Community and Social Services has responded!  The Government of Alberta has taken the step of publishing the data relating to service planning and waitlists for the PDD program.

Making PDD caseload data publically available will complement the data compiled by the Social Policy and Health Team at the School of Public Policy, accessible through the following website:

PDD is serving nearly 13,000 individuals. As of January 21, 2020, there were 13 individuals on the waitlist and 2,391 in service planning. In the past four years, PDD caseloads have risen 14%.

“Service planning“ means an individual’s needs are being assessed or services identified.  Activities in service planning include assessing the person’s support needs, identifying services to meet those assessed needs, developing an outcome plan, and identifying service provider to provide services.

Please visit the following links to see the data being reported:

PDD Active Caseload:

PDD Waiting for Services:

PDD Service Planning Caseload – Provincial Data:

PDD Service Planning Caseload – Regional Data:

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