Dr. Bonnie Lashewicz, Beth Parrott and student researchers from the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary want to learn about the experiences of fathers of children with Autism. We are especially interested in hearing from fathers of children with Autism who have immigrated to Canada and/or speak English as a second language, and/or are working extra hours to support their families. Fathers who volunteer for our study will participate in a face to face interview with a researcher at a time and location that works best for the father. The interview will be like a conversation. Fathers are welcome to bring a family member or friend to the interview for support and/or to translate.

The researcher will provide a translator if needed. Fathers will also receive a 50 dollar gift card as a thanks for taking part in the interview.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in our study please contact Kritika Sharma or Amanda Lo for further information at: (403) 700-7510 or kshar@ucalgarv.ca, and (403) 608-3690 or awclo@ucalgary.ca.

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