Dr. Lashewicz and her research team have been focused on “hearing” the voices of adults with developmental disabilities and are concerned that the voices of these adults are under-represented in research or overshadowed by the clearer voices of others.


To study how adults with developmental disabilities communicate with their parents or siblings present. The goal is to understand ways to help adults with developmental disabilities direct their own lives.

Call for participants:

Dr. Lashewicz and her research team are looking for adults with developmental disabilities to take part in 3 interviews with one or more of their caregiving parents and/or siblings. Interviews will be conversations about interests, activities and support needs of the adult with a disability and the role of family caregivers.

If you, or someone you know is interested in this project/would like further information, please contact Camille Duque: Project Coordinator at 403 710 2361 or cvduque@ucalgary.ca

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