Researchers at York University are recruiting Autistic and non-autistic adults to take part in a study exploring the differences in analytical thinking styles. They hope to use this information to frame Autistic differences as strengths rather than deficits.

Who can take part?

English speaking Autistic and non-autistic adults aged 18 and above.

How long is the survey?

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete.

How can I take part?

If you would like to participate, click the button below that says “Analytical Thinking Styles Research” to be directed to the study home page and application.

Analytical Thinking Styles Research

If you have questions about this study, please e-mail

This research has received ethics review and approval by the Human Participants Review Sub-Committee, York University’s Ethics Review Board and conforms to the standards of the Canadian Tri-Council Research Ethics guidelines.

This research is being conducted by Lorne Hartman in collaboration with Braxton Hartman, who is an Autistic graduate student in neuroscience at York University in Toronto. Together, they have conducted past research on Autism in the Workplace, which Sinneave has supported in recruiting participants.

If you participated in the Hartmans’ previous research or have an interest in Autism in the Workplace, you are invited to view the summary results of these studies.

* Hartman, L.M., Farahani, M., Young, A., Manzoor, A.  & Hartman, B.L.  (2023). Organizational benefits of neurodiversity: Preliminary findings on autism and the bystander effect. Autism Research, 16 (10), 1989-2001.

To view the summary for Organizational benefits of neurodiversity: Preliminary findings on autism and the bystander effect, click HERE.

* Hartman, L.M. & Hartman, B.L. (2024). An ethical advantage of autistic employees in the workplace. Frontiers in Psychology, 15:1364691.

To view the summary for An ethical advantage of Autistic employees in the workplace, click HERE.

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