After almost a year in the making, Sinneave is proud to announce the launch of Success in the Workplace Employer Toolkit: Strategies from Autistic Employees. This new online toolkit will empower employers to better include and support autistic employees in the workplace. The ultimate goal is to increase the odds of successful and sustained employment for autistic adults. The toolkit was written by an autistic author, who drew upon his personal employment experiences while writing it. Sinneave is proud that over 170 autistic workers, and almost thirty Canadian employers, large and small, completed our autistic worker and inclusive employer surveys. This ensured that the tools in this toolkit are both helpful to autistic employees, and practical for employers to implement. The content has been further vetted by a team of self-advocates, employers and employment experts.
The new toolkit consists of fifteen sections and follows the employee life cycle. Many of the sections also contain tools, often in the form of simple checklists, employers can refer to for straightforward and low to no-cost strategies they can implement to support autistic employees throughout their life cycle with the organization.
Success in the Workplace can be found at and consists of easy to follow text, tools and infographics in accessible PDF’s that can be viewed online or downloaded.  A printable PDF of the entire Toolkit is also available for download. For more information on the toolkit, please e-mail We hope you will go online, view the toolkit and provide the development team with your feedback. Employers big and small are encouraged to use the resources in this toolkit, to not only become a champion for autism inclusion, but to make Canada a leader in inclusive employment.

— Corey Walker

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