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The Story Collector is OPEN for the Housing Through An Autism Lens Solutions Lab (HAL-Lab).  The HAL-Lab is seeking micro-stories of experiences with housing from Autistic adults, their families, friends, allies, communities, as well as professionals who work with Autistic adults in all capacities.  EVERY PERSON CAN COMPLETE THE COLLECTOR AS MANY TIMES AS THEY ARE WILLING TO!  The collection period is open until early Feb 2021.

If you live in Alberta and require assistance with submitting your story, please send an email to with “Housing Story Assistance” in the subject line and we will ensure that a project scribe reaches out to you.

Please CLICK HERE or on the image below to Complete the Story Collector

This project is to address the difficulties many Autistic adults* face in finding and keeping the homes they want and need, especially as young adults and seniors.”

For more details on the project, as well as FAQs and updates go to:


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