At Sinneave, we are committed to developing programs and services that empower autistic individuals to thrive. Our new initiative, #ExperienceAutism, is designed to build community capacity by coming alongside housing providers, employers, and educators to bridge the knowledge gap for those who have limited experience and/or understanding of autism and wish to learn more about it.

Through a 90-minute conversation facilitated by an autistic individual and a Sinneave staff member, we will assist community members in seeing how autistic differences in perception and thought processing are strengths that provide unique perspective and contributions, often leading to creative and innovative solutions. We’ll provide a better understanding of neurodiversity, while sharing easy-to-implement strategies that encourage engagement and collaboration.

Become an Ally!

Focusing on Six Key Principles for Success, our work is instrumental in helping individuals and organizations develop ally-based actions that create and foster environments where everyone can thrive at:

  • Building relationships
  • Enhancing communication through collaboration
  • Identifying and implementing proactive strategies for inclusion.

While our primary focus is on enhancing the experiences of autistic individuals in their day-to-day life, these six principles are broadly applicable and beneficial to anyone who wants to create safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces in their places of work.

Participating in #ExperienceAutism will show you how supporting autistic people where they live, learn, and work benefits everyone.

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