Sara Baker, Launch Clinician and Occupational Therapist recently presented “Sensory Considerations in ASD” at The Ability Hub.  Over 50 people attended the workshop, representing parents, professionals and other caregivers. 

This workshop was intended to increase “sensory empathy”, through awareness of sensory issues that can impact an individual with ASD. Practical tips and tools for managing sensory challenges were reviewed. 

Here’s a quick takeaway from Sara’s presentation that might help as a reminder, or be useful to those who weren’t able to attend:

Five Fast Facts on Sensory Processing and Sensory Integration (SI):

  • We have 7 senses targeted in SI: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular (gravity and position in space) and proprioceptive (deep pressure/body-limb position)
  • Sensory Processing = FILTERING, ORGANIZING and INTERPRETING information
  • Sensory Processing Disorder = difficulty modulating (how much) and difficulty differentiating (what), and difficulty with implementing a functional response.
  • Sensory integration = re-organizing the way the brain takes in (filters), organizes and makes sense of (interprets) information
  • Sensory Diet Tools: Heavy Work / Motion / Suck, chew and breath / Retreat / Deep pressure

Thank you to Teunisje Gruber, Launch clinician, for her clinical input and sensory diet tips!

If you were not able to attend the workshop, download the presentation [PDF].

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