If you had the opportunity to be involved with a program that could: help you feel better (physically and mentally), look better, prevent and reduce your risk of physical injury and illness, while you participate in a relaxed and fun social environment, would you be interested?  If so, look no further than the Beast Mode Fitness First Experience!

The Beast Mode fitness model is designed to promote interest in developing mobility, flexibility, strength training, cardio conditioning, teamwork, and social skills related to gym etiquette. There is a wealth of research that suggest that individuals gain substantial health benefits from a combination of activities that include fitness, flexibility, and strength training exercises. The fitness first experience we are offering prides itself on prioritizing the importance of creating a comfortable environment and encouraging a team atmosphere. At the conclusion of our Spring session, our members were asked about their experiences within the group.

Many of these individuals indicated that this program was their first exposure to fitness since high school. Our feedback was quite insightful and reflective of the impact that the program had on each individual.         

“The Beast Mode group has helped me to change the way I think about exercise. I used to dread going to the gym because I didn’t have a workout plan and my anxiety often kept me from asking a trainer for help. The group has helped me to develop a training program with specific exercises to help me take care of myself in the best way possible”

“I like the fitness class because it’s upbeat and fun. At first, I didn’t think that I’d like working out in a group, but I enjoy being around the other guys because they cheer me on and encourage me to do my best. I feel great after working out!”

 “I joined Beast Mode because I didn’t like the way I looked. After ten weeks of regular exercise, I noticed that I’ve lost some weight and have more energy than I did before…I know that I still have a ways to go, but I now think about how good I’m going to look and feel after every workout.  

The Beast Mode team is extremely proud of the accomplishments of all of our participants! On Behalf of Nick, Al, and Mike, we wish to encourage our group members to continue to engage in fun activities (e.g., swimming, dancing, bowling, running, etc.) that support a healthy lifestyle. It is our hope that if we can get our participants interested in fitness activities at an early age, exercise and fitness are more likely to become a natural habit that will benefit them throughout their lives.

If you would like more information about the Beast Mode Fitness First Experience, please contact: Michael Barrett at 403.210.5000 ext. 2013 or E-mail: mbarrett@theabilityhub.org.

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