UCalgary Neurodiversity Support Advisor


The University of Calgary is proud to offer wellness supports and services for Neurodivergent students at Student Wellness Services. Central to providing these supports and services is the Neurodiversity Support Advisor (NSA). The role of the NSA was created in January, 2021 in response to an increased need for students who identify being on the autism spectrum to access specialized supports. The NSA provides support services for student through a variety of ways including: navigating on and off campus resources, accessing culturally relevant wellness supports, goal-setting and supportive check-ins, increasing academic and personal confidence, enhancing strengths of students, and mental health support.

In addition, the Neurodiversity Support Advisor is partnering with the Student Success Centre and Student Accessibility Services this year to provide workshops and presentations on topics such as: “Working in Groups” and “Information Sessions for Neurodiversity Supports at UCalgary”. These sessions will be held in August and throughout the Fall semester (2021).

Sign up for one of the first orientation sessions:
August 27th at 12:00pm https://events.ucalgary.ca/wellness-services/#!view/event/event_id/360234
August 31st at 12:00pm https://events.ucalgary.ca/wellness-services/#!view/event/event_id/360235

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