Worktopia is a national network with a shared goal of changing the odds of employment success for autistic and neurodiverse people. Neurodiversity is a term used to describe natural differences in the way people’s brains work. Different ideas and ways of thinking are a valuable and essential part of our society.

Worktopia Network members are excited to recognize and amplify Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a worldwide initiative aimed at challenging stereotypes, celebrating different minds and promoting inclusion for neurodiverse people.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work. However, sometimes systems and processes used in workplaces do not work well for neurodiverse people. Small adjustments to mind-sets, processes and systems can make a big difference. When workplaces are inclusive and equitable, everyone benefits.

Join the celebration March 13 – 19, 2023, as network members share insights and actions that contribute to inclusive workplaces where neurological differences are understood, respected and valued.

To learn more about Neurodiversity Celebration Week, check out their website. 

Don’t just be an observer, we invite you to take action. You’re invited to join the Worktopia Network and check out the activities and resources on our website.

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