Update to the Launch + Skills Program

Your feedback is important to us!  Sinneave developed the Launch + Skills program earlier in 2018.  The program was designed to encourage families to begin transition planning and skill development at an earlier age and was aimed at individuals aged 15-25 years.  It is common for funders to set an age criteria for programs–other examples we see are with our partners Worktopia, Spectrum Advantage and Meticulon.

We have received valuable feedback from families that there is also a pressing need for individuals who are older than 25 and have active goals in continued education, employment and/or supported independent living, who may also benefit from this program.   In response to this input, we are removing the upper age limit for Launch + Skills.  We do have an intake assessment process to ensure that the Launch + Skills program is the right fit for each individual based on their unique needs.  However, age (over 25 years) will no longer be an exclusion criteria.  Please call our main reception 403-210-5000 to ask for an appointment with one of Resource Centre Ambassadors to discuss your interest in the Launch + Skills program and the intake process.

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