Spectrum Advantage is a community-based project under Autism Calgary that is designed to train, assist and support individuals (18-30) on the Spectrum. We are providing them with a continuum of employment and educational opportunities within the electronic economy, in order for them to gain meaningful and permanent employment positions. This 4 month program provides a three week in-house training program that includes financial assistance to our participants and then when employed includes a generous reimbursement for 3 of those months. 

Please call us for any questions/referrals and of course any presentations you might find useful.

We are located in The Ability Hub 3rd Floor, 3820 – 24th St. NW Calgary T3B 2X9  (403) 210-5000

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sarah@autismcalgary.com (Ext 2032)

celina@autismcalgary.com (Ext 2032)

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