World Autism Month 2020 Wrap-Up

Each April, World Autism Month raises awareness of issues of concern for the autism community. This year, the United Nations specifically highlighted the need for innovative programs designed to support autistic youth in the transition to adulthood. Since 2008, The Sinneave Family Foundation has been addressing these concerns and we remain committed to our vision that individuals with autism are supported in the transition to adulthood to realize their highest quality of life.

Becoming an adult is typically equated with becoming a full and equal participant in the social, economic and political life of one’s community. However, this transition is a significant challenge for many persons with autism because of the lack of opportunities and support devoted to this phase of their life. Sinneave designed the Launch + Skills program to help support emerging adults plan for their future and build the skills they need to be successful. The program includes transition planning support, skills groups and individualized goal-directed skills coaching to help young people become more independent and achieve their goals. We remain committed to creating opportunities for autistic youth in the areas of employment, education and independent living, by shaping a future full of possibility and unlocking potential in the community.

While World Autism Month 2020 has ended, Sinneave will continue to build community capacity and work to enhance quality of life for autistic youth and adults throughout the year. We extend our thanks to all who ignited positive change and promoted autism acceptance in the month of April.

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