On February 26th, 2019 a few of the Sinneave staff had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Calgary Downtown Rotary Club where they heard from Shannon Doram, the President and CEO of the Calgary YMCA. She discussed different YMCA programs including YMap. This program is dedicated to helping individuals under the age of 18 who are newcomers to Canada, explore opportunities for social engagement, volunteerism, and provides opportunities to earn a scholarship for post-secondary education. They also heard about the YMCA’s future goal to be more inclusive of the Calgary community. Our staff took a few moments to thank Shannon for the YMCA and Sinneave collaboration that led to the 360 program at The Crowfoot YMCA. They were given the opportunity to ask questions about potential programming for individuals with autism. Shannon expressed that she wants to make sure that the YMCA is inclusive to everyone in the community.

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