Our Strategic Priorities are to be:


      A trusted source of information, navigation and transition support

  • Extend our reach and make information and support available to more people.
  • Create learning opportunities for community members, employers and professionals.
  • Engage lived experience in the development and implementation of initiatives.
     An inclusive centre for learning and community connection

  • Make Ability Hub space available to support community networking and cooperation, to deliver complementary services and programs and to advance common interests.
  • Enhance virtual networking capability and encourage others to develop creative ways to reach and serve youth and adults.
  • Convene stakeholders and invest in partnerships that focus on priority issues.
     A hub of innovation and collaboration

  • Invite new ways of thinking about, understanding and addressing needs.
  • Co-create resources and services that help autistic adults achieve their goals and enhance the knowledge and skills of those serving autistic youth and adults.
  • Improve coordination and alignment among stakeholders to expand capacity, support scalability and attract investment.
    A data-informed influence on systems and policies

  • Contribute to advancing an Alberta Autism Strategy and a National Autism Strategy
  • Share evaluative findings to scale up promising practices in other communities.
  • Advance knowledge related to key social policy issues affecting the autism community by tracking key indicators and facilitating research and evaluation.


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