It can be difficult to know where to begin, as each person may be at a different point in the process. In this section you will find information and links to a variety of programs and resources that may help to support your journey to supported independent living.

Some of the content in this section has been developed with a parent and/or support person in mind and is clearly marked as such.

We will be adding content and links to this section regularly so check back often if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Are you looking to connect with other autistic adults and their families who are exploring housing and supports options in Alberta?

  1. Aspires Housing Group of Calgary is a network of families interested in housing and supports who meet each month to hear from speakers and discuss a variety of relevant topics. Many of these speakers presentations are recorded and are available to view.
  2. Connecting CommUNITY is a group of Alberta parents coming together to explore options and start planning for the lifespan of their loved one with special needs.
  3. The Autism Independent Living Association (AILA), in the Edmonton area, supports adults on the autism spectrum with moderate needs to develop their full potential.

Are you looking for quick tool to help plan your future?

The QuickStart Planning Tool is a printable 14 page workbook that will help you to create a personalized plan to reach your goals of adult independence.

Download the Launch into Life! QuickStart Planning Tool here

Are you a parent or support person looking to help an adult on the spectrum plan for supported independent living?

‘When Will My Adult be Ready to Move Out’ is a recorded presentation that was delivered to an audience of parents. In this presentation, parents familiarize themselves with the concept of readiness and key predictors for successful independent living.

Do you need to develop some specific skills to live independently?

Launch + Skills offers individualized transition planning plus skill development for autistic or neurodiverse individuals interested in continuing their education, getting a job and/or building their independent living skills.

Do you need help getting a job in order to be able to afford to live independently?

The EmploymentWorks program in Calgary offers access to a range of resources, group based learning and job simulations to help prepare you to get, and keep a job.

Content coming in 2021: Are you looking for a step by step guide to housing and supports planning?

Taking the Next Step Series addresses a set of topics that provide information, activities and actions specifically supporting your journey to independent living.

Topics in this series will include:

  1. Taking The Next Step Series – An Introduction
  2. What Is My Vision For Supported Independent Living?
  3. How Ready Am I?
  4. What Skills And Supports Will I Need?
  5. What Are Some Housing Options?
  6. What Can I Afford?
  7. Bringing It All Together, In A Place To Call Home.