In 2019, The Sinneave Family Foundation debuted Excel Campus Prep as an in-person 5-day summer course for autistic individuals planning to enroll in a post-secondary program.

This year, the course is been re-branded as Autism Campus Prep and has recently been re-designed as an online post-secondary preparedness course written by autistic adults who have previously or are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program (undergrad to PhD level studies), for individuals on the autism spectrum.

There are nine modules covering a variety of topics that will assist in preparing you for your transition to post-secondary and beyond.

Autism Campus Prep is available now through AIDE Canada, click here to access the course.

Autism Campus Prep is an initiative of The Sinneave Family Foundation. For more information, please email or call 403.210.5000 (Toll-free 1.888.733.7976).