There is an urgent need for housing solutions that combine affordable housing and varying levels of support.

The 2017 Canadian survey on disability estimates that 60% of autistic adults live with their families and 74% of autistic adults report needing help with at least one every day activity.

Sinneave has had significant success supporting autistic adults to live as independently as possible by actively working with affordable housing providers and support service agencies. On November 22nd 2017, in recognition of National Housing Day, Sinneave hosted Innovative Collaborations: Autism & Affordable Housing Webinar in conjunction with AIDE Canada.

The panel of affordable housing and autism service providers was lively and engaging. They shared key activities and lessons learning from the Legacy on 5th affordable housing project in Calgary. The audience sent in lots of questions and panelist answers were rich with great information.

A written summary of the webinar is here.

An image which you can click on to see highlights of the Innovative Collaborations: Autism & Affordable Housing Webinar.

The full 90 minute video with closed captioning can be found here.

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