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Launch QuickStart Planning Tool

This tool will help you think about life after high school and how to prepare for life as an adult. Successful adulthood means a lot more than just finishing school, having a job, or moving out. The QuickStart Planning Tool will help you plan and build your best adult life.

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Launch Resource Guide

The Launch Resource Guide provides parents of adolescent children with autism a process to navigating the transition between the teenage years and young adulthood.

Download the Prepare to Launch Resource Guide

Worktopia Parent Guide©

The Parent Guide© has been developed by The Sinneave Family Foundation as part of the Worktopia Project. It is intended to be shared as an open resource to support individuals and families living with autism as they prepare and plan for employment.

Download the Worktopia Parent Guide©

Policy Snapshots

The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) believes that the investment in the key life transition period between age 15 and 25 will improve the outcome trajectory for individuals with autism and their families.  At Sinneave, we work with individuals, families, communities and systems to improve outcomes in education, employment and independent living.  We have prepared three Policy Snapshots focused on neurodiversity (including autism) related to our three outcome areas.

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Research and Publications

What Do We Know About Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

This paper, published in the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, conducts a review of studies and provides policy recommendations based on the literature, to help governments identify appropriate policy options relating to improving employment outcomes for those living with autism.

Read the summary [PDF], or the full report [PDF] at the School of Public Policy.

Measuring Local Prevalence for Autism Spectrum Disorder

A report released from the School of Public Policy shows that 1711, or one in 94 school-age children in the Calgary region are living with autism.  The study revealed that an average of 140 students with autism per year will graduate from the school system, and many of these individuals once they turn 18 years of age will encounter a “support cliff” resulting from a less generous support system available for adults.

Read the summary [PDF], or the full report [PDF] at the School of Public Policy.

The Value of Caregiver Time: Costs of support and Care for Individuals Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The report, by Carolyn Dudley and J.C. Herbert Emery, examines the costs of support and care for individuals with Autism from a Canadian perspective.  The report details the challenges facing care givers and governments when considering the need of housing and caring for individuals with disabilities.   Some innovative approaches to these challenges are also presented.

Read the summary [PDF], or the full report [PDF] at the School of Public Policy.

Mind the Gap: The Missing Discussion Around Transportation for Adolescents and Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder

This report examines the amount and types of transportation options available to individuals who live with a neuro-development condition like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The report attempts to prepare an inventory of provincial policies and programs along with a overview of the past and current research into this important area of study.

Read the summary [PDF] at the School of Public Policy.

Improving Our Understanding of Unmet Needs Among Adults with a Developmental Disability

This communique, written by Jonathan Lai, Stephanie Dunn and Jennifer Zwicker, focuses on reasons for low labour force participation for persons with developmental disabilities and the need for policies that promote accessibility and equal opportunity, as well as improved workplace practices and employment services and supports.

Read the full report [PDF] at the School of Public Policy.

Autism Websites

Find a list of helpful autism websites here, or download this PDF.

External Reports


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