As an adult on the autism spectrum you may wonder what will happen after your parent support network is no longer available to you. Parents also wonder about how their autistic adult will manage when they are no longer able to act in a primary support role. In this section you will find information for both autistic adults and parents to begin to explore these longer-term considerations.

Parents are the main audience for the resources linked below, the information would also be relevant for interested autistic adults.


‘When Will My Adult be Ready to Move Out’ is a recorded presentation that was delivered to an audience of parents. In this presentation, parents familiarize themselves with the concept of readiness and key predictors for successful independent living. You can view the recorded presentation below.

Who Will Take Care of Our Kids (When We No Longer Can?) A 2017 discussion paper prepared for Autism Society Alberta (ASA) reflects input from thirty-four stakeholders from the Alberta adult disability community.

Estate Planning for Families of Special Needs Children Trista Carey, a partner from the law offices of Schnell, Hardy and Jones, LLP in Alberta presents on the subject of “Estate Planning for Families of Special Needs Children”. This is a comprehensive review of important aspects of estate planning including; power of attorney, personal directive, wills, guardianship, trusts, and the Henson Trust.

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