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Transition Planning

Developing a successful transition plan is an ongoing process between an emerging adult, their family, and many others. Transition planning can help identify opportunities and experiences during the high school years that will help individuals prepare for their future.


Prepare to Launch: An Introduction to the Launch Program

This video provides an overview of the five Launch Program domains and highlights the experiences of parents and children with autism as they have transitioned from adolescence to adulthood.

Launch: Health and Well-Being

This video discusses the physical and mental health issues that many individuals with Autism face during their transition into adulthood, and highlights the experiences of parents while navigating the health care system during this crucial time in their children’s lives.

Launch: Education and Employment

This video provides an overview of the learning process that goes hand in hand with finding the right pathway to further education or employment.

Launch: Communication and Social Relationships

This video summarizes the struggles experienced by individuals with Autism when interacting with others and the importance of these interactions as adults.

Launch: Independent Living Skills and Self-Advocacy

This video examines the many different forms of living for an individual on the Autism spectrum as well as the expectations and realities of parents regarding their children’s living situations.

Launch: Legal and Financial Issues

This video provides information on the long-term legal status and financial stability for children with ASD for parents who wonder, “What will happen after I’m gone?” as well as the importance of planning and networking.

Housing & Supports

Independent living is a living arrangement that maximizes independence and self-determination, especially of disabled persons living in a community. Finding independent living solutions that combine housing with appropriate levels of support and funding are challenging and the type and level of support vary for every individual.


Housing & Supports: Horizon View Project (Glamorgan Project)

Sinneave is committed to improving outcomes in Housing & Supports, and we work with others to find solutions that support a diverse range of needs. The Horizon View Project represents one example of our community coming together to create a unique housing model to support adults with autism.


Building an Inclusive Workforce - Radio Interview with Corey Walker

On July 28, 2020 Corey Walker, Project Lead with The Sinneave Family Foundation was interviewed about his work in creating an employer resource that would support the creation of more inclusive work environments for autistic individuals.


'Inclusion Infusion' Podcast Series: Episode #1

In celebration of DEAM (Disability Employment Awareness Month), Sinneave is proud to introduce our Inclusion Infusion Podcast Series! In our first episode, Host Cedric Nicholson is joined by Amy Lonsberry (Policy & Privacy Officer) & Jillian McDonald (Innovation & Impact Officer) to discuss the early stages of our ‘Inclusion Infusion’ initiative, and why inclusion is so important to us here at The Sinneave Family Foundation.

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