The transition to adulthood and the community beyond high school can present many challenges for individuals with autism and their families. Starting the transition planning process early can help maximize the potential for each person to live a full and meaningful life.

Thoughtful planning, creative thinking and open communication can result in a solid plan that ensures a seamless transition from school to the adult world. A good transition plan highlights priority needs and interests, includes both short and long-term goals, and identifies an action plan with the supports that will be necessary to achieve these goals.

Launch currently offers three programs designed to help individuals, parents and professionals with transition planning:

Launch + Skills offers individualized transition planning plus skill development for emerging adults interested in continuing their education, getting a job and/or building their independent living skills.

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Launch into Life! Workshops offers group workshops for individuals, parents and professionals offering a chance to connect, develop goals, and learn about community resources.

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Launch Online offers free online training modules that help individuals and families get started on creating a plan for the transition to adulthood.

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Life is a journey

Launch Resource Guide

The Launch Resource Guide provides parents of adolescent children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD or autism) with information and resources to help with the transition between adolescence and adulthood.

The guide provides information about 5 important life domains, resources and transition planning timelines.

  • Health & Well-Being
  • Education & Employment
  • Communication & Social Relationships
  • Independent Living Skills & Self-Advocacy
  • Legal & Financial Issues

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The journey is just as important as the destination.
Life transitions can be daunting, but taking steps like completing our Launch Online planning process can help you to feel more confident and better prepared for the future. Launch Online encourages you to think about what success looks like for you in five life domains: Health & Well-Being, Education & Employment, Communication & Social Relationships, Independent Living Skills & Self-Advocacy, and Legal & Financial Issues.
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Launch Online contains five short modules, which you can complete at your own pace and in any order. As you work through these modules, you can track your progress in your own personalized and printable Launch Workbook. The Launch Resource Guide is also available here to download and print.

Launch into Life! Workshops provide group-based opportunities for individuals, parents and professionals to connect, develop goals and learn about community resources.

Workshops provide group-based opportunities for individuals, parents and professionals.

  • Understanding and preparing for key transitions across the lifespan
  • Managing health and mental health issues in autism
  • Navigating the change from pediatric to adult health and support care systems
  • Finding the right social and recreational programs in the community for your child
  • Creating a shared vision for your child’s future
  • Developing life and vocational skills
  • Exploring volunteer and work opportunities
  • Understanding housing and supportive programming options in adulthood
  • Legal and Financial issues including guardianship and program funding

Launch + Skills is a  program that helps support emerging adults (age 15 and older) plan for their future and build the skills they need to be successful.  The program includes transition planning support, group workshops and individualized skills coaching to help young people become more independent and achieve their goals.

Launch + Skills is for individuals aged 15 and older with a diagnosis of autism who:

  • Are interested in continuing their education, getting a job and/or building their independent living skills, and;
  • Are not likely to be eligible for adult program funding.

Step 1: Free

Call 403.210.5000 to set up an appointment with one of our Resource Centre Ambassadors.

Step 2: Free

The parent or emerging adult will meet with a Resource Centre Ambassador to talk about priority needs and interests. If appropriate, the Ambassador will refer you to a Transition Specialist.

Step 3: Free

If referred to a Transition Specialist, our Program Coordinator will contact you to set up an appointment. The purpose of the Transition Specialist meeting is to develop an individualized goal-based action plan for both the emerging adult and their parent(s).

Step 4: $350

Based on the Transition Specialist meeting, you may be offered the opportunity to enroll in Launch + Skills (6 months) which includes:

  • Group based workshops for the emerging adult
  • An information workshop for parents
  • Individualized learning sessions with a Skills Coach
  • Progress review and planning meetings with a Transition Specialist at the mid and end points of your program
  • Participation in weekly Launch café style meet-ups for emerging adults in the program to come together, meet new people and build social networks (facilitated by Skills Coaches).

Step 5: $250

At the end of the Launch + Skills program, a Transition Specialist may offer you the option to “recharge” your program. This may include:

  • Additional individualized learning sessions with a Skills Coach
  • Additional group based workshops
  • Additional progress review and planning meetings with a Transition Specialist
  • Ongoing weekly Launch café style meet-ups

Step 6: Free

Once you have completed your recommended components of Launch + Skills program you may continue to attend the weekly Launch café sessions as a drop in member to maintain connection to program peers and Skills Coaches.

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