Homecare Hub is an innovative and purpose-driven homecare service delivery company built on state of the art technology. We provide a selection of hand-picked, high-quality agencies with different price ranges that have pledged to put patients first.

Much like the search engines of the airline industry, Homecare Hub searches through these agencies to provide the most appropriate care for you. We also provide transparent pricing and a seamless experience for you to obtain your care.

Join us Wednesday, April 13 at 7:00 p.m. for a virtual information session and Q & A. Learn how Homecare Hub can help you in your supported or independent living goals.


A little bit about Homecare Hub:

Homecare Hub began in the Toronto area in 2015, in an attempt to meet a need for cost-effective and coordinated services for seniors. Branching out in scope, they recently introduced coordination of shared living services for adults with disabilities. You can learn more about Homecare Hub’s services by visiting their website at homecarehub.ca.


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This event has now passed but you can view a recording of the presentation here on the AIDE Canada website.

Join us for the online presentation and live Q&A!

This presentation was made available FREE and ONLINE via AIDE Canada’s website.

In recognition of National Housing Day, this session brings together a panel who will share perspectives, key activities and lessons learned from the Legacy on 5th affordable housing project in Calgary. Autistic adults and their support persons also offer their thoughts on the impact of this project. The goal of the session is to share knowledge with other regions to improve access to affordable housing for autistic Canadians.


  • Amy Tatterton – Director of Learning and Connection, The Sinneave Family Foundation
  • John Seigner – Housing Specialist, The Sinneave Family Foundation
  • Anmol Hajraw – Adult Support Worker, Autism Calgary
  • Brittany Morrison – Adult Program Coordinator, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society
  • Emily Campbell – Communications Advisor, HomeSpace Society

This presentation can be accessed free and online via AIDE Canada’s website.

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