Sinneave Staff

Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality work within an environment characterized by collaboration, innovation, respect, and diversity – including neurodiversity. Together, we represent a creative, diverse, and highly skilled group committed to being inclusive employers, social innovators, community partners, and influencers of systems change.

On a light grey background, are individual headshots of The Sinneave Family Foundation Staff members. There are 36 headshot pictures in total, one for each staff member. They are all looking into the camera and smiling in their headshots.

Members of the Corporation

Rick Sinneave, Brune Sinneave, Andrew Hakin, Garry McCulloch

Board of Directors

The Sinneave Family Foundation’s (Sinneave) Board of Directors consists of a dedicated and esteemed group of volunteers from both the public and private sectors. The Board provides strategic direction and oversees fiduciary and governance responsibilities for Sinneave.

This image shows some of the Board of Directors of The Sinneave Family Foundation. The picture is taken outside of the Child Development Center at the University of Calgary and shows four male directors in the back row, with five female directors in the front row. All individuals are looking into the camera and smiling.
Board members, as of August 2023 are:

Photo (from left to right)
Back Row: Carl Andrade, Michael Lambert, Wesley Peters, Evan Spiropoulos.
Front Row: Melinda Noyes, Tanya McLeod, Dawn Leonard Gaudreault, Michelle Chan, Susan Mallon.
Not Pictured: Roby Brar, Ian Holloway, Scott Morrow, Jason Scheyen, Carissa Carleton, Cobus van de Venter.