Whether you are a self-advocate, parent/caregiver, professional, employer, or simply interested in information related to autism and neurodivergence, we offer a wide range of learning options and resources through our online portals. You can access what matters to you, when you need it. We work to provide resources that are meaningful and impactful, to reduce barriers to knowledge and enhance opportunities for all.

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On a white background, to the left in green the text reads, "Sinneave Connects". To the right are two individual heads, the graphic is for decorative purposes.

Self-paced resources for self-advocates, parents, and professionals.

Resources include:

  • Free events – Click here to access our Events Calendar,
  • Recorded presentations and webinars,
  • E-courses, and
  • Curated resources related to employment, education, and independent living.
On a white background, in the top left corner are the identifiers of NEUROinclusive Workforce Solutions. They are three squares, the first one is in purple, the second one in blue, and the last one in green. Below it in black, the text reads, "NEUROinclusive Workforce Solutions".

Made for employers and Human Resources professionals –  enhance your workforce by learning more about neurodiversity in the workplace.

Resources include:

  • Various PDF resources,
  • A recorded presentation, and
  • Curated videos to support a neurodiverse workplace.
On a watercoloured background with a mix of white and yellow, in the middle of the image is the EmploymentWorks logo and inside it the text reads, "EmploymentWorks" in purple.

An employment readiness program designed to provide flexible, self-paced learning for Autistic people and individuals with disabilities.

Resources include:

  • The entire EmploymentWorks Online program,
  • LinkedIn Learning videos, and
  • Additional resources from Program Facilitators.