Skills Groups participants have the opportunity to practice these strategies with the support of facilitators and fellow group members.

The session format is:

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and occur once a week for a specified number of weeks.
  • Enrollment is limited to 4-6 participants per group to ensure personalized attention and engagement.
  • Participants may register for only one group at a time to maximize participation.

Please Note: Skills Groups are not intended for support workers, aides, caregivers, or other professionals. If you would like more information about a particular group, please contact us at 403-210-5000 or

Our Current Skills Groups are:

Discuss and practice skills such as:

  • Cognitive flexibility,
  • Getting started,
  • Staying present,
  • Coping with anxiety, and
  • Organization/planning.

Discuss and practice skills such as:

  • Connecting with the present moment,
  • Accepting and be willing to experience difficult thoughts and feelings,
  • Detaching from unhelpful thoughts,
  • Cultivating self-awareness,
  • Clarify personal values, and
  • Taking committed action towards value-driven goals.

Skills Groups are tailored for Autistic or neurodivergent individuals who:

  • Are 15 years of age and older.
  • Self-identify (or have been diagnosed) as Autistic or neurodivergent.
  • Can commit to 6 weeks of programming (90 minutes to 2 hours) once weekly.
  • Are eager to learn and practice key strategies to enhance their daily routines.
  • Communicate verbally.
  • Are open to reflecting and sharing their thoughts within the group.
  • Can actively participate in a group setting, including arriving on time and communicating with the group leader if unable to attend, without requiring a one-to-one assistant.
  • Are committed to maintaining an open mind and actively engaging in program activities.
  • Have reliable transportation arrangements to and from the program.
  • For skills groups conducted via video conferencing, have access to the necessary technology, including a computer with the latest version of the Zoom application, microphone, speaker, and webcam. A cell phone will not suffice.

If you meet the requirements for each of the statements above, our Skills Groups may be a good fit for you.

Registration is through Sinneave Connects, our eLearning platform.

  • Click here to create an account.
  • If you already have a Sinneave Connects account, log in.
  • Navigate to the Autistic Self-Advocate page and click on the Skills Group thumbnail (if none are visible check back later).