Sinneave is working to improve employment outcomes for autistic youth and adults. Here you will find programs, supports, information on finding employment, and related resources that may be the right fit for your specific situation.


EmploymentWorks Original

EmploymentWorks is a program that offers employment preparedness training and support, combined with job sampling and hands-on experience to autistic youth and adults and persons with disabilities. The program is designed for individuals who want to enter or return to the workforce, and who are willing to develop and practice the skills needed to support employment success.

The program is currently offered in two formats: EW Original (in-person), and EW Virtual (instructor led on-line). A new self-directed e-Learning version of the program is being developed for launch in early 2022, to improve accessibility and remove geographical barriers to program participation.

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EmploymentWorks Virtual

The NEW EmploymentWorks Virtual program also offers employment preparedness training and support in a virtual, barrier-free, setting!

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EmploymentWorks Project

The EmploymentWorks program offers employment preparedness training and support, combined with job sampling and hands-on experience…

Calgary Employment First Network (CEFN)

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