National and regional governments have recognized the need to consider Housing as part of any Autism Strategy. However, there are no mechanisms currently in place to share successes, leverage ideas and work together to build momentum and inform government policy on housing.

On April 17, 2023, more than 150 Autistic self-advocates, researchers, service providers, and policy makers from across Canada came together in-person, in Ottawa, and virtually on Zoom to learn about recent initiatives and action in autism and housing. Representatives from The Accessibility Institute, based at Carleton University, and The Sinneave Family Foundation shared information and facilitated discussion on a new initiative spearheaded by the two entities:  Neuroinclusivity in Housing: Sharing knowledge and coordinating action.

This initiative aims to advance neuroinclusivity in housing in Canada through the following activities:

  • connecting housing champions from across Canada,
  • collecting, synthesizing and sharing existing knowledge, evidence-informed tools and resources, and
  • exploring opportunities for coordinated action, including applying a research framework to housing projects on the ground to advance collective knowledge.

To see the full press release from Carleton University, please click on the words, “Neuroinclusivity in Housing: Sharing knowledge and coordinating action.”

Sinneave will be sharing updates and information with stakeholders interested in this emerging National Network, and we invite you to stay informed about this evolving effort by completing the information form linked to the form button below that says, “Stay Connected: National Housing Network.”

Stay Connected: National Housing Network


The Accessibility Institute at Carleton University wants to learn about what’s happening in housing initiatives across Canada to bring together and share knowledge, tools and practices that can benefit communities working towards accessible and inclusive housing. Tell them about the good work, resources and partnerships you are part of by filling in the form in the button below that says, “Accessible and Inclusive Housing in Canada: Good Work, Resources & Partnerships” or by emailing

Accessible and Inclusive Housing in Canada: Good Work, Resources & Partnerships


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