Sinneave operates The Ability Hub, a 17,000-square-foot space located on The University of Calgary campus.  The Ability Hub is a true hub of innovation and collaboration where Sinneave is actively involved in program development and service delivery, and where they host partner organizations and activities that support the transition to adulthood for autistic individuals.


Sinneave operates The Ability Hub, a 17,000 sq.ft. space located on the UCalgary campus

Activities at The Ability Hub align with Sinneave’s mission of improving outcomes for emerging adults on the autism spectrum in the areas of continuing education, employment, and independent living.  These activities continue to enhance the system of services and supports available to autistic individuals and their families.  Sinneave’s shared goal with all of our partners at The Ability Hub is to build programs that will eventually be sustained in the community.

Sinneave designed The Ability Hub to address the needs of those with autism-related sensitivities and includes architectural features that minimize distractions and help individuals transition successfully throughout the space.  The Ability Hub serves as a model for service providers, schools, and even families who are looking for best practices in creating positive, welcoming, and practical environments for autistic individuals.

The Ability Hub was designed to address autism-related sensitivities.

Sinneave opens our doors to autism-related demonstration programs, workshops, presentations, events, tours, and meetings. For details about accessing space at The Ability Hub, for general information about current services, program offerings and other activities please call (403) 210-5000 (toll-free: 1-888-733-7976) or email

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