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Launch + Skills is an individualized skills coaching program designed to help autistic individuals who are motivated and ready to pursue goals in employment, education, or living independently in the community. Whether you are a teenager transitioning to adulthood, or you are already an adult, Launch + Skills was developed as an intensive program to help you learn the skills needed to for success.

The program was designed for individuals who identify as being on the autism spectrum, are 15 years or older, who are unlikely to be eligible for adult program funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD; Government of Alberta) and who are looking for a job, to continue your education, or to live independently in the community within the next year.

In the L+S program, participants are paired with a Skills Coach who will take the time to get to know you by asking questions about your current skills and strengths and together you will develop a plan that applies a step-by-step approach to reaching your goals. We will then recommend a package of skills coaching sessions designed to best support you. Some goals can be reached in as few as six sessions, other goals may take many more.

Each skills coaching session is about 60 minutes in length. We aim for skills coaching sessions to be scheduled once per week or once every two weeks. Some of these sessions may be in person and others may be virtual. During the weekly sessions, you and your skills coach will develop goals for the session and the two of you may practice new skills together. Over the course of each week you will continue practicing new skills on your own. The following week you will share with your Skills Coach how your previous week as gone and together you will set new goals.

Once your individualized program completes, your Skills Coach will meet with you to summarize everything you have worked on and achieved. They will recommend the next steps for your learning, as well as offer referrals to any other community resources that you may be interested in exploring.

If you are motivated to reach a goal in Employment, Education or Living Independent in the community within the next year, contact us at info@sinneavefoundation.org to learn more about how the Launch + Skills program may help you.

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