Are you interested in creating a more inclusive community? Do you work with, or want to recruit more neurodivergent people? If you are interested in learning how to make your organization more inclusive for Autistic and neurodivergent people, we can help!

The Sinneave Family Foundation, in collaboration with a team of Autistic self-advocates, developed Six Principles to inspire greater understanding and acceptance of the natural differences between people, and provide easy-to-implement actions that enhance inclusion for everyone.

The Six Principles can be instrumental in helping individuals and organizations develop ally-based actions that will foster environments where everyone can thrive at:

  • Building relationships,
  • Enhancing communication through collaboration,
  • Identifying and implementing proactive strategies for inclusion,
  • Empowering everyone to be successful.

These principles are broadly applicable and beneficial to anyone who wants to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces within their places of work and communities alike.

Our team at Sinneave is ready to join you for a conversation, presentation, or provide training opportunities for employers, post-secondary educators and staff, and landlords on how to incorporate the Six Principles in your circumstances.

Connect with us at to inquire about how the Six Principles can benefit your organization, and discuss the best approach to sharing the Principles with your team.

A growing number of Canadians identify as neurodivergent. Sinneave uses the Six Principles to support you and your team in understanding the differences in how people process information and to develop strategies that can support successful interactions in your setting.

The Six Principles are designed specifically for anyone interested in learning more about autism and neurodiversity and how differences in people’s thinking add incredible value across settings. Real-life examples using the principles can be tailored to three settings:

The workplace

Employers will gain an understanding of the strengths and challenges of neurodiversity and autism. The Six Principles provide your team with different perspectives and strategies that raise awareness and foster a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

At school

Post-secondary educators, administrators, and student support team members will learn more about neurodiversity and autism. We share the Six Principles, practical strategies, and information regarding additional support services both on and off-campus.

Community independent living

Landlords and their teams are provided information about developing positive relationships with neurodivergent and Autistic tenants. We offer recommendations about additional support services available in the community.

The team at Sinneave is prepared to have a discussion, provide a presentation, or facilitate training (in-person or online) for members of your organization. You will learn about the Six Principles, and easy-to-implement strategies to encourage effective communication and collaboration in your workplace setting. We also welcome questions and further discussion specific to your needs.

The Sinneave Family Foundation is pleased to share the Six Principles in various formats at no cost.

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