Our 2022 report to the community is now available online!

Ask – Listen – Act is a theme that captures our approach in 2022.

We sought to ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time. We recognized the need to spend more time listening in order to enhance our understanding of what we can do to realize needed changes and opportunities in our community. We committed to act in ways that embrace diversity, recognize the importance and power of language, and are focused on meeting the needs of autistic people and their families.

Ask – Listen – Act will continue to underpin our efforts as we move forward in advancing beyond awareness and acceptance to empowerment, inclusion, and equity.

With this year’s report, we endeavour to tell the stories of how our work is impacting change on the individual level, within our community, and at a broader systems level in the areas of education, employment and housing. Once again, we are honoured that many of our program participants and collaborating partners shared their experiences in this report. We know the theoretical impact of our work, but hearing how our initiatives enhance and change lives makes what we do more meaningful.

We invite you to click on the video links within the report to hear those experiences first hand.

To view the interactive 2022 Impact Report, click the image below.


2022, Impact Report, Ask Listen Act


Click the images below to view our previous reports to the community.


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