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The Art of Parenting…with Autism

September 28, 2023, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

There is an illustration of a woman who has multiple arms and she is multitasking many things, like ironing, cooking, managing time, working, exercising and parenting. There is a child beside her who is holding up a crayon.

You’re invited to join the Art of Parenting…with Autism. 

Each Art of Parenting session focuses on different aspects of parenting through the lens of being autistic and/or parenting autistic children. Through a short presentation, discussion and activities, participants will receive encouragement, support and practical short and long term strategies for navigating parenting in the healthiest way possible, with a focus on self-care and compassion.

This particular session will cover the intense struggles with food that many autistics (and their parents) deal with, melt down prevention and finding peace in the sometimes chaos of daily life.

These sessions intend to educate, empower and encourage parents on their journey, as well as create a safe community of ongoing support.

If you are an autistic parent, or the parent of an autistic child, you will benefit from this information and the connection of others who share similar experiences.

Join us Thursday, September 28 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

This session is FREE and entirely virtual, via our Sinneave Connects online learning platform.

If you already have a Sinneave Connects account, just log in as usual. If you haven’t yet opened an account, it’s easy! Click the button below that says, “The Art of Parenting – Sept. 28” to be directed to the portal and follow the prompts.

  1. Pick a user name
  2. Pick a password (Don’t forget to record it somewhere safe for next time!)
  3. Select “Register”
  4. Choose “The Art of Parenting – Sept. 28” and enroll.

The Art of Parenting – Sept. 28

If you have any questions about this event or if you need support navigating  the Sinneave Connects learning hub, please email info@sinneavefoundation.org or call 403 210-5000. We’re here to help!

Please note: While advance registration is not necessary for most of our Learning & Connection activities (you are welcome to just drop-in), IF you do pre-register it helps us in our planning AND allows us to notify you in the event of a last-minute change or cancellation. Either way, we’d love to see you!

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