The Knowledge Network of Expertise in Disability & Sexuality (KNEDS) is hosting its first seminar of 2024 on Tuesday, March 19th at 2:00pm (Eastern Time).

University of Calgary undergraduate student, Eleni Moumos, will present a recent paper written in collaboration with Dr. Alan Santinele Martino: Dating in the Digital Age: A Content Analysis of Dating Websites Designed for Disabled People

The hope is this content analysis will spark important conversations and considerations for service providers who support disabled youth.

Study Summary

In today’s world, various digital platforms like dating apps and websites offer new opportunities for people to connect romantically. This study explores dating websites specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. By analyzing 26 such websites, the study looks at the language and images used to understand how disability is portrayed in these online spaces.

According to the study, these websites often highlight stories of disabled individuals overcoming loneliness and challenges related to accessibility. They also suggest that using their platform makes it easier for users to talk about their disabilities and enhances their overall quality of life. For people with disabilities who may face social isolation and accessibility issues, these digital platforms can play a crucial role.

The study emphasizes that the language and images used on these websites contribute to specific ideas about disability. It’s important to recognize that the way disability is depicted in digital spaces can influence societal perceptions of disabled individuals and their sexualities.

Presented by the Disability & Sexuality Lab at the University of Calgary and the ProFILE Lab at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

To reserve your spot for this virtual presentation, click the button below that says “Disability & Dating in the Digital Age”

Disability & Dating in the Digital Age


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