Sinneave works at the individual, family, community and system levels and across our networks to improve outcomes in education beyond high school, employment and independent living. We are committed to working with others to extend our reach and increase our shared impact.

Post-Secondary Education

Sinneave is working to improve outcomes in education beyond high school for autistic adults.

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Housing and Supports

This collection of resources, tools and links has been designed to support your journey, no matter where you are in the process.

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Transition Planning, Information and Navigation

Our transition planning, information and navigation services allow us to meet immediate needs by connecting individuals and families with available supports in the community, provide short-term follow-up to understand where gaps in services exist, and in some cases develop longer-term support that helps inform system-level policy discussions.

Sinneave Programs & Services:

Skill Development

We work with partners across our networks with a shared goal to advance community-based approaches to skill development that improve access, deliver improved outcomes, and are sustainable.

Programs currently hosted at The Ability Hub:

Community Capacity Building

Some activities and service models previously enabled by Sinneave, are now sustained in some form in the community independent of Sinneave. These activities build capacity and enhance the system of services and supports available to autistic individuals and their families.

Partnerships and Networks

By partnering with others, we are able to benefit from a broad range of knowledge and expertise to extend our reach, increasing our collective impact.  Sinneave currently hosts, provides financial or in-kind supports to, and/or participates in the following activities:

Knowledge Exchange

We build communities of practice to share what we are learning and facilitate opportunities for caregivers and other professionals to increase their knowledge and autism related experience.  Sinneave supports and/or is actively engaged in the following:

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