The Sinneave Family Foundation, in collaboration with a team of autistic self-advocates, developed Six Principles to inspire greater understanding and acceptance of the natural differences between people, and providing easy-to-implement actions that enhance inclusion for everyone.

The Six Principles are:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Emotion
  • Flexibility
  • Structure
  • Environment (Sensory)


Each of the Six Principles has an accompanying resource that can guide people at home, in the workplace, in educational settings, and broadly in our communities, to implement ally-based actions that foster environments where everyone can thrive at:

  • Building relationships,
  • Enhancing communication through collaboration,
  • Identifying and implementing proactive strategies for inclusion,
  • Empowering everyone to be successful.

Each resource includes a description of the principle, context for why it is so important, and a list of strategies that you can easily implement to create environments that are more accepting and inclusive of autistic and neurodivergent people.

Click Here or contact us at to learn more about how the Six Principles can benefit your organization. Our team at Sinneave is prepared to have a discussion, provide a presentation, or facilitate training (in-person or online) for members of your organization.

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