Whether you are moving out of your parent’s home for the first time, or thinking about a future move, this is a milestone in life!

Based on our “Thinking About Moving Guide,” this workshop will share some of Sinneave’s key learnings about things to think about when planning a move. It is primarily focused on renters of affordable housing who may benefit from light support. However, the concepts and information are relevant to a wide range of individuals including family members, caregivers and support professionals.

Members of Sinneave’s housing team will review practical, easy-to-use tools and checklists and share what we have learned in supporting autistic adults access housing.

Whether you are just starting on your housing journey or you are ready to move now, we invite you to attend this great workshop online via Zoom.

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You can access the Thinking About Moving Guide by clicking the image below:

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Introducing an innovative new approach to independent living!

Join us for a presentation by Garden Loft founder John L. Brown as he walks us through the concept behind Garden Loft and how it can work for you.

While the initial concept rose from a need to provide a space for seniors to age-in-place, it quickly became clear that these unique pre-fabricated buildings could offer creative solutions to a variety of situations, like providing housing options for adults who want to live independently, but still require modest support. Garden Loft living affords adults with differing abilities to live on their own with as much independence as they can safely manage.

Enhancing the functionality of your existing home by providing the additional space you and your family need, the interiors can be easily adapted to new uses as your situation changes. They feature open plan spaces, lots of natural light, and comfortable finishes that look great and function efficiently. Add to that a garden setting right outside the front door and Garden Loft provides the perfect balance of convenience and privacy. Garden Lofts are prefabricated in Calgary and can be delivered to residential lots throughout Alberta.

For more information about Garden Loft, visit their website


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A little bit about John Brown, PhD, Architect

John Brown is Professor of Architecture and Dean of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at the University of Calgary. He is an award-winning architect and a founding Principal of the architectural firm Housebrand, a Calgary-based residential design practice that has designed and built over 250 homes since 1997.  John is a recognized authority on residential design and aging-in-community, having completed a PhD through the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia developed new and more relevant senior’s housing options. This research led to the development of Garden Loft, a prefabricated backyard living unit with adaptive physical support systems that enable seniors and other with differing abilities to live independently within a family context. Along with his two partners, John launched a company began offering Garden Lofts across Alberta in Summer 2021.


garden loft, independent living  garden loft, independent living    garden loft, independent living, housing

This event has now passed but you can view a recording of the presentation here on the AIDE Canada website.

Join us for the online presentation and live Q&A!

This presentation was made available FREE and ONLINE via AIDE Canada’s website.

In recognition of National Housing Day, this session brings together a panel who will share perspectives, key activities and lessons learned from the Legacy on 5th affordable housing project in Calgary. Autistic adults and their support persons also offer their thoughts on the impact of this project. The goal of the session is to share knowledge with other regions to improve access to affordable housing for autistic Canadians.


  • Amy Tatterton – Director of Learning and Connection, The Sinneave Family Foundation
  • John Seigner – Housing Specialist, The Sinneave Family Foundation
  • Anmol Hajraw – Adult Support Worker, Autism Calgary
  • Brittany Morrison – Adult Program Coordinator, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society
  • Emily Campbell – Communications Advisor, HomeSpace Society

This presentation can be accessed free and online via AIDE Canada’s website.

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